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, but threatening from above, at michigan stadium, torrential rain and lightning sent 110,000 fans scrambling for cover. twice. >> we are suspended here. >> reporter: cutting short the michigan-western michigan game with about a minute and a half left in the third quarter. both teams agreed it was too dangerous to go on, handing michigan the win. >> we're worried about the kids, you know? you go out there and you play yoyo heart out and then you're back in for another half hour and you get five-minute warmup and then all of a sudden the lightning strike comes again and then you come back in -- it didn't look like this was going to get any better. >> reporter: it didn't. not in michigan or iowa city, where, for the first time ever, lightning and rain delayed iowa's home opener against tennessee tech. another historic first? at notre dame, three hours of storm delays, two evacuations of the 80,000-seat stadium. >> and they announced an evacuation of the stadium just as the teams headed to the locker room at halftime. >> reporter: ironically, moments earlier, the parents of declan sullivan were
poll victory in michigan. axas gov. rick perry was with 17% of the vote. both made appearances at a leadership conference in michigan yesterday. herman cain won the florida straw poll. mitt romney came in second and rick perry came in third. >>> the susan g. komen race for the ^ wraps up. wasthis weekend, the area of pink as 2500 people took the streets to raise money breast cancer research. they walked more than 60 miles to raise millions. we are live at the national mall with more. >> this was the finish line behind me. they've wrapped things up. the ceremonies of ended. a lot of people spend an entire year during up for this 60 mile walk in just three days. some women say preparing for the was the hardl part. is miles away from throbbing these. telling me to take one more step. >> pushing her juror physical limits was the memory of her judy who she lost seven years ago to breast cancer. that tooksame disease her mother. >> it is hard to walk and raise money. is supposed to be hard. it is easy compared to people going for breast cancer. it is the same drive and janetination t
. michigan takes on notre dame. won't that be something? thanks for watching espn on abc. now, we take you to the studio for the ford wrap-up. and here's robert flores. take it away, robert. >>> brent, thanks. for the third-consecutive season, boise state opened their season with a team ranked in the top-20. tonight, it was the georgia bulldogs in a neutral site. not really neutral when you consider it was in the atlanta, georgia dome. seven-yard score. boise state beats georgia, 35-21. at the georgia dome. >>> another s.e.c. school, auburn, defending national champions. they got all they wanted from utah state. and auburn scores two touchdowns in the final 2:08 to become the first national championship to lose their season opener the next. michigan in 1998. michael dwyer. the team they beat in the final game of the regular season in 2010, alabama. no problem with kent state. trent richardson, three touchdowns. carried it just 13 times. 37 yards. alabama wins, 48-7. nick saban is 2-0, against his alma mater. >>> couple other s.e.c. schools. florida no problem with florida atlantic, 41-3. s
. >> reporter: the most ferocious opponent was not on the field, but threatening from above, at michigan stadium, torrential rain and lightning sent 110,000 fans scrambling for cover. twice. >>>>e are suspended here. >> reporter: cutting short the michigan-western michigan game with about a minute and a half left in the third quarter. both teams agreed it was too dangerous to go on, handing michigan the win. >> we're worried about the kids, you know? you go out there and you play your heart out and then you're back into another half hour and you get five-minute warm up and then the lightning strike comes again and then you come back in -- it didn't look like this was going to get any better. >> reporter: it didn't. not in michigan or iowa city, where, for the first time ever, lightning and rain delayed iowa's home opener against tennessee tech. another historic first? at notre dame, three hours of storm delays, two evacuations of the 80,000-seat stadium. >> and they announced an evacuation of the stadium just as the teams headed to the locker room at halftime. >> reporter: i ronnicly, moments ea
. >> in michigan, where he is well known, he did quite well. mitt romney did well in michigan. but again, rick perry a distant second. >> i think we are seeing some weaknesses of the last two weeks where this has played out. he is not the strongest debater which he has acknowledged. there are some issues in a book that he wrote that has provided material for mitt romney to attack him on. he sees them as unelectable and someone who cannot be barack obama in the general election. you will see rick perry come out and attacked mr. romney has not a true conservative and somebody that republican frontrunners cannot support. >> there is question whether the governor of new jersey chris christie will run. he seemed a little frustrated with that speculation. it is almost as if it will weaken the whole ticket. >> this has been going on for months. he said fairly definitively that he is not -- >> [unintelligible] >> it is still as definitive as you can be and still there are people out there who say so. >> there have been people who are emphatic. >> now there is desire for him to jump in. but it is stil
to workboard on the way game. sunday's a 69-year-old motor dame fan says michigan fans gave him cpr, him a call got after -- he is now in good condition. thinks the michigan fans he thankslife and them. game broke his heart. the wolverines beat the irish there. >> but it's a >>> time is running out to enter the great grocery give away. on our facebook page. a 700 this card to safelight. to safeway. card we will announce it at 5:00. let's -- >>> let's share this video we've possible tornado or water spout. the 75thme damage on of ocean city. you can see the video at view the whole thing and y from the people who shot it. the rain is slowly ending. be clearing and cooled morning, in the low '40's and '50's. then a stretch of fall-like weather into the weekend. >> we can handle that. weather into the weekend. >> welook, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of theiggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 ye
you go. you get behind the second cold front. tuesday in michigan, temperatures have been dropping. 22 degrees cooler right now than they were at this time last night. meanwhile, on the east side of the front temperatures are a bit warmer than this time yesterday. here is tomorrow's weather. a secondary from coming in with more showers. we will start with sunshine but we will be seeing clouds, showers, and thunderstorms throughout the day. clouds will increase as the storm's approach. look at this -- highs of only 73 degrees-78 degrees. we are getting into real fall- like weather. a beautiful weekend. partly cloudy, copper-'60s, lower-'70s. -- copper-'60s, lower-'70s. we all kinds of weather maps on our web site plus photographs of handsome meteorologist. [laughter] >> that is worth going on the website right there. >>> anderson cooper's new tv show debuted on monday. >> we have a look at anderson [ male announcer ] humble beginnings are true beginnings. they are the purest way to gauge success. maybe the only way to gauge success. but the most powerful thing about humbl
. we will keep you updated. >>> in michigan father and his two young sons narrowly escaped death after a fiery car bomb attack. >> they are leading economic. i need someone here now. >> the frantic 911 call came in tuesday evening as eric was driving his sons to put all -- driving his sons to football practice. witnesses heard a big bang and saw a plume of smoke and their car seemed to melt away. >> by the time i got there the car was completely engulfed. >> they were really blessed not to have been killed. there were seriously injured but they are still alive. that means everything. >> investigators think that the attorney may have been targeted. he is a prominent divorce lawyer in the area. authorities are considering is a criminal matter, not a matter of terrorism. they were taken to the hospital and listed in serious condition. >>> in japan today, people all over the country are cleaning up after a typhoon slammed ashore yesterday. the storm killed at least 10 people when it blew through with 100 mile per hour wind. at least four people are missing. the typhoon also left behind wid
did this. the bomb tearing apart the car of a michigan man. hear his call to 911. >>> also some incredible new pictures from nasa this morning. we'll explain what it is, when we come back. >>> and returning to our top story this morning. another nervous day ahead for investors and traders after the dow took a major dive yesterday. officially wiping out the gains made over the past year. a staggering fact there. on top of that, tokyo's nikkei average was closed today. but other markets are falling. hong kong's hang seng, down 333 points. in london, the ftse opened sharply lower. on wall street, the dow plunged almost 400 points yesterday. meanwhile, the nasdaq index fell 82 1/2. >>> mortgage interest rates are near record lows. the average now is 4.09 for a 30-year fixed rate loan. rates have been below 5% for all but two weeks this year. it's a great time to refinance. but the federal reserve says more than 2 million homeowners could not refinance last year because they did not meet the new, stricter criteria. >>> also, the price of gold down this morning, as well. a loss more t
the will be focusing on jobs. morrow he'll be heading to detroit, michigan where he'll to t rolling out his plan put more people back to work. ursday night the president a address the nation at joint session of congress on b creation and on friday he'll travel to richmond to promote his program. this comes on the heels of last week's disappointing jobs no rt for august in which net jobs were created. 11:00, an elderlyly uple is dead after a car accident in fairfax county. his happened a little before 00 this afternoon on route henry drive.rick couple was urch 50 in eastbound on sentra when they a car going westbound when they were trying to make a left-hand turn. have es of the couple not been released. a police officer is recovering a man was run over by 2:00 ssas park around this morning on cartwright court. e officer was checking out a rishes car and when he onfronted the driver, robert washington, that driver tried away. nicolas garver saw what happened much >> i saw the car run him over and stop. i instantly came down here and came to the aid off the officer and held er officer flag nd u
to detroit, michigan. he'll address the congress about job creation and travelling to richmond to discuss the program. this comes on the heals of last weeks disappointing jobs report. wir told no net jobs were created. >> president barak obama is spending the weekend at camp david working on his speech. >> it doesn't help when those folks turn around and risk losing hundreds of thousands of jobs. >> unemployment is left lodged at 9.1%. >> the president will come forward with specific proposals that by a measure would add to growth and job creation in the short term. >> the plan is based on tax relief, including tax credits for company who's hire new workers. tarring estimated assistance for long term unemployed. those out of a job six months or longer. >> it won't make the percentage higher. >> they want to try to help company that's create jobs. >> you have a lot of people going for the same job. they probably need about two people to fill in a job. >> it's been difficult. >> so many will be listening to the president on thursday. >> looking at the day ahead, the corruption trial against
the tea party will have on all of this. >> in michigan today, it was a call for more. in new hampshire a glaring contrast. though the battle for the white house, even among those who have not officially jumped in the rain, but centered not just on jobs but also catering to the tea party. >> and now we are seeing more and more folks realize the strength of -- the strength of this grassroots movement. >> the tea party has at its center court a belief that government is too big. sound familiar? >> the target was anything status quo. >> it is going to take a different kind of leadership. he is the most effective food stamp president in the history of the country. >> and they have plenty of ammunition with no new jobs created. >> i think we are in much bigger trouble than a lot of people realize. >> perhaps leeling, but still able to rally -- perhaps reeling, but still able to rally, president obama -- >> now is the time for them to worry about your job. >> and just as the president will outline a way to create jobs this week, mitt romney says he will unveil his own plan this week. of cour
. as i were he is heading to detroit michigan where he will start rolling out his plan to put more people to work. he will speak at a rally of thousands of labor union members. on thursday night the president will address the joint session of congress on job creation. on friday he will travel to richmond. there he will promote the program. all of this comes on the heels of the disappointing jobs report for august in which no jobs were created. jobs will be the major focus in the pivotal week ahead for republican candidates and the president. the upcoming gop debate in major presidential address will focus squarely on getting people back to work. republicans are no longer receiving criticism for the commander in chief. and they are definitely taking aim at each other. >> absolutely. this morning we heard a lot of back and forth between rich. mitt romney -- rick perry and mitt romney. >> republicans have not picked a nominee yet. >> point in six americans cannot find a job. that is not a recovery that is an economic disaster. over the next seven days the top republican candid
and travers city, michigan. thunderstorms from the twin cities to des moines, showers and thunderstorms in the rockies and morning fog along the pacific northwest. >>> a mild 70 in seattle, 95 in sacramento, phoenix hits 108 and albuquerque, 88. just shy of 100 in dallas. 90s from kansas city to detroit. 79 in new york. 88 in miami. >>> overseas now where former libyan leader moammar gadhafi is issuing some defiant new messages. broadcast from his secret hidewithout gadhafi warned that loyalist loyalists were armed and preparing for battle. he says there will be no surrender. a second audio message he accused nato of trying to occupy libya and steal its oil. meantime, international leaders including secretary of state hillary clinton lined up in support of libya's rebel leaders. this came during a meeting in paris. she warned the reblgss to secure the weapons stockpiles that were collected by the gadhafi regime and make sure they are not used to threatenlibya's neighbors. >>> a virginia utility company says last week's earthquake did affect sensitive parts of a nuclear power plant near
of terror across lake michigan. >> another check of your monday [ cow mooing ] ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] there's no need to produce foods yourself to be sure they're 100% natural. ♪ ♪ now there's open nature foods from safeway. no preservatives, no artificial anything. all within budget. a wide choice of natural foods that meet your high standards. ♪ ♪ open nature. only at safeway. at banof america we're lendinand investing in the people and communities who call greater washington, d.c. home. frfrom supporting an organization that helps new citizen find their way... to proudly supporting our washington redskins... and partnering with a school that brings academic excellence to the anacostia community. because the more we do in greater washington, d.c. the more we help make opportunity possible. >> trying to keep america safe and former, virginia. good morning washington. >> good morning. 6:10. the changing seasons. it looked like a wild side. this is over lake michigan. the mix of cool air and warm lake water spawned these huge waterspo
the stadium twice because of heavy rain and lightning. and university of michigan's game against western michigan was stopped late in the third quarter because of lightning. and it never resumed. michigan, by the way, keeping score, won that game. >>> finally, it seems that movie stars are never out of the spotlight. but just ask crystal the monkey. the primate star of "night at the museum," and "the hangover part 2," was spotted on a flight from l.a. to newark yesterday. the 17-year-old female monkey smiled for her fans and posed for pictures. how about that? i did a little research. and i could not find an faa regulation that says you cannot let a monkey buy a ticket and fly on a plane. >> ron asked his producer, why is this monkey sitting in first class? >> as far as we know, she was in coach. you know? a beer. >> low-key. incognito. >>> let's check the weather. we're going back to scott padgett, from our miami station, local 10, wplg, also known as tropical storm lee. >> thanks so much there -- is it david? >> i knew that was coming. >> let's take a look at what's going on. a cold fr
out there. >> i will eventually. >> chilly day from dakotas to michigan. showers, thunderstorms, from new england to florida. colorado ski country gets up to 6 inches of snow. find anything yet? rain from albuquerque to western texas. wet in seattle. upper 60s, portland. 95 in phoenix. if you find a picture of justin timberlake, let me know. 62 inkansas city. 70s in boston. new york, baltimore. atlanta, 85, miami 90. >>> back to the privacy of my office downstairs. all right, we have done plenty of royal watching over the last few months. here is a little bit more. why not? >> third, what that is the most famous dress in the word. some people call it anyway, the one princess diana wore in her 1981 wedding to prince charles. looks very 80s. right? >> very 80s. little poofy by today's standards. well the dress is the centerpiece of an exhibit opening at a casino resort friday. here is a fascinating little tidbit. that dress has never been cleaned since diana wore it for the first and only time. not only puffy it is funky. >> ha-ha! i have one word to say about that dress, sleeves. sleev
as they have done several times in the past. >>> now to the shocking car bomb attack in michigan. a father was driving his two sons to football practice when suddenly they were rocked by an explosion. an inferno in the middle of the street. a car bomb so powerful it is impossible to even recognize the car. a frantic 911 call tuesday evening, the driver of the car, eric chapell made an appeal for help not only for himself but his two young sons inside. >> my car blew with two kids. i've got two significant leg injuries. they're chewed up pretty good. okay. police say a device exploded in the car. injuring the father and his two children. ages 11 and 13. >> the one boy said, oh, daddy, my foot keeps hurting. you know? well, he couldn't understand, i don't think, i think he was probably still in shock or whatever. >> reporter: witnesses say just before this column of smoke, they heard a big bang. and the vehicle seemed to melt away. >> by the time i got there, the car was completely engulfed. >> reporter: the father was able to get his sons out alive. members of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco
from the dakotas to michigan. showers and thunderstorms along the east coast, from maine down to the florida panhandle. and thunderstorms from west texas to the northern rockies, up to a half a foot of mountain snow in colorado. >> snow, say it isn't so. a wet 64 in seattle. 74 in billings. 86 in boise. 62 in kansas city. dallas dips below the 80-degree mark for the first time in months. 88 in new orleans. 90 in miami. 73 here in new york. a very pleasant 73. >> not bat at all. we'll take it. >>> coming up next, a major contract decision overnight, impacting thousands of autoworkers across the country. >>> and a groundbreaking study on breast cancer. and why so many women have the disease compared to a decade or two ago. >>> with the space shuttle now a thing of the past, nasa unveils the new way to get stuff into space. >>> new trouble this morning for oil giant bp. a government panel says it bares the ultimate responsibility for the biggest offshore oil spill in u.s. history. investigators found that the oil company violated regulations, ignored warnings and made bad decisio
day, the president will focus on jobs and creating more of them. he'll head to michigan and roll out a plan to put more people to work. thursday night, he'll address the nation. on friday, he'll trofl to richmond for his program coming on the heals of last week's disappointing jobs report. >> two mainlior republican presidential debates are taking place. including rick perry, michelle bachman and others. >> in california including mitt romney and john huntsman. your time now is 5:08. it's 73 degrees outside. still ahead, how local college campuses are increasing security ♪ ♪ oh, won't you be good to yourself? ♪ ♪ and don't you feel like coming home? ♪ ♪ ♪ it'll be like coming home [ male announcer ] some rooms feel like a fish bowl. but in our roomy suites, you can spread out and live a little. with breakfast, dinner, and drinks included, you'll feel right at home. ♪ la la-la-la-la la la la ♪ >> now 5:11 this morning. >> not the nicest week for outdoor activities. expect the ground to be saturated. off and on showers daily. a wet week. right now, areas of rain are a
formed on lake michigan spawned by a mix of cool autumn air and warm lake waters. there were no reports of injuries or damage. >> just where relike to see them, offshore. >>> let's look at the morning road conditions. rain drenches i-95 from richmond to miami. i-20 from south carolina to alabama. and parts of i-10 from jacksonville to new orleans. i-94 from milwaukee to the twin cities. slick in the pacific northwest. >>> if you're flying, airport delays possible in chicago, detroit, atlanta, and charlotte. >>> the two freed hikers are waking up on american soil for the first time in two years. >> after arriving in new york yesterday, josh fattal and shane baaer blasted the iranian government. >> reporter: they gave the first gripping details of a long, cruel imprisonment. >> we had to go on hunger strike repeatedly just to receive letters from our loved ones. many times -- too many times, we heard the skreems of other prisoners being beaten. there was nothing we could do to help them. solitary confinement was the worst experience of all of our lives. >> reporter: though treated better
drop, cooler at this hour in upper michigan and the upper peninsula. 15 degrees cooler than it was in chicago at this time. that is that push ahead of the cold front. you can feel it. 104 degrees in dallas. officially now, they have had the most number of 100-degree days since they have been keeping records. they will get relief from the score air, and we will feel it, as well. you will feel temperatures tumble rather consistently through the weekend, high pressure for us, and that high pressure driving cold fronts. first, tomorrow, a few isolated thundershowers in the afternoon. another chance on thursday with cooler temperatures, and then skies will start to clear on friday as the center starts to move in. it will be cooler and drier and will feel like fall. checking out our express coming here is what we have for you tomorrow. high temperatures expected 87, a 30% chance of showers in the afternoon, and then we will take it up on thursday to 40%. only in the upper 60's with some sunshine developing friday and it will be cool of the weekend with temperatures in the low to m
chain. it is sad to see it close. >> it all started in and arbor, michigan. >>> we have some misty weather on the way for tomorrow. a little bit of sunshine on the way after a sun-starved weekend. outside at this hour mostly cloudy skies. but they are beginning to clear to the west. the win his release held down. that will allow some patchy fog to develop. high temperatures well below average. it is a bit warmer than it was 24 hours ago. that is because of the cloud cover. they had a high today of only 53 degrees. it is now 57 degrees in leonardtown. temperatures are slowly falling through the 60's and the 50's. the warmer air, the milder air is out there. the temperature change from 24 hours ago is 5 degrees warmer. to the west, you can see the milder air beginning to build. this is where it will eventually make its way to our area on tuesday and wednesday. highs will be back to near-cd--- near-80 degrees. the skies are beginning to clear just a bit here. this larger system will start to fizzle out over the next 24 hours or so. but it will bring increased clouds late tomorrow afte
from the dakotas to upper michigan. heavy downpours from southern texas to tampa. thunderstorms from arizona up to montana. >> 74 in boston. 91 in atlanta. 88 in miami. mostly 90s from minneapolis to indianapolis. dallas, phoenix and colorado springs soar past the 100-degree mark yet again. >> staying hot there for sure. >>> the white house appears to be on the losing end of a politicacafight in washington. president obama agreed to move his major jobs speech after republicans complained that it conflicted with their presidential debate. mr. obama will speak on thursday, the same night as the nfl's first game of the season. with more on the jobs speech here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: the president knows solving the job crisis may be the key to keeping his job. republicans in congress know that too. which may explain why the two parties can't even agree on a date. >> we are at a moment when we need to take significant action. >> reporter: officially, 13.9 million americans are out of work. but economists say the real number is nearly twice that size. including people in part-t
of rain across indiana to lower michigan. high pressure off of the of lead to coast. that is what is treating this logjam with clouds and heavier rains for the honor bank of north carolina earlier today. -- for the lower bank of northe carolina earlier today. grab the umbrella, we still have a 30% chance for showers tomorrow and a better chance it will move into the day on tuesday. in the next 48 hours, moving to the daytime hours, a few showers will pop up late afternoon. by thursday -- by tuesday heavier showers just off to the west of us. finally, clearing late wednesday and then sunshine on thursday. there will be a quick cooled down into the 70's. look for areas of fog to develop milly south and west of d.c. daytime highs tomorrow will hover around 80 degrees. the chance for some showers are possible with a thunderstorm or two. daytime highs are only in the 60's by saturday and sunday. that is well below average for this time of year. but it is a refreshing change. in the case of up thisupcoming saturday, it makes people only $20 for a smartphone data plan ? with a great d
. >>> a woman videotaping a storm in michigan, a lot more than she expected on tape. >> that is weird. >> it's a tornado. >> susan richardson spotted a possible tornadoes roaring through her neighborhood yesterday afternoon. she followed it from her front yard to the backyard. the twister tossed patio furniture, for shingles off roofs, and destroyed a wooden swing set. no one was hurt. >> something you should probably not do. craig stammen a tornado and it's in your neighborhood. >> september on the porch. >> and then take cover. >> that is setting a bad example. >>> i.t. we are seeing the humidity and go down, so the air is dry air. tomorrow will be more profitable in the 70's. colder air on the weekend with clouds. we will show you some pictures outside right now. a live picture from the bay. darker clouds moving overhead right now. if a frontal system is bringing in drier air. that will get a second bush as we go through the day tomorrow. clouds building out there definitely. a little moisture is possible if as this system works its way across the area, as we go through this afternoon. 40
in michigan. the dew point levels tumbling. drier air will stick around for of a few days and then a sunshine will make another appearance. we will not see a lot of it for the day tomorrow. more sunshine on sunday. pressure over the great lakes will eventually bring us increasing clouds and a chance of a few showers tomorrow. 20% to 30% chance. cooler temperatures with highs in the upper 50's to ow 60's. slight chance of showers tomorrow. clearing out a little on sunday with more sunshine and cool air. highs today 73-77. added clouds later this afternoon. temperatures tonight in the mid 40's in the suburbs low 50's's downtown. tomorrow, mostly cloudy, tens of showers, 57-62. . the extended outlook. the most beautiful weather in washington comes in october. monday tuesday, and wednesday look fantastic with high temperatures in the mid 70's. tomorrow and sunday will be a shock to the system. >> jennifer donelan is working on a story about the first lady. so we will see all the pictures. >>> next, the makers of a controversial smartphone application, what they say about a gay test. and on anders
around chicago, green bay, and traverse city, michigan. thunderstorms in the southwest from flagstaff to denver. >> 80 in salt lake city. 82 in boise. 70 in seattle. dallas 99. omaha 86. detroit 91. 71 in boston. 79 in new york. 80s from new orleans to miami. >>> and more federal help is on the way to vermont's flood zone. president obama has approved some major disaster aid for storm survivors in addition to the emergency relief that femem is providing as well. crews have made progress though in the meantime, repairing roads and restoring electricity knocked out of course by irene just a few days ago. view in vermont have ever seen damage like, this including coffins washed out of cemetery grounds. >>> on new york's long island, crews are working 16-hour days to restore power to the 500,000 people who lost it after irene blew through there. there are still just under 100,000 homes and businesses waiting for the power to come back on. the power company crews will work through the holiday weekend until everyone is back online. >>> and the mysterious death at a san diego mansion has bee
. temperatures are cooler well to the north in the 40's in michigan. satellite and radar shows a cold front that is on the way for the day. if you'll notice a change in the wind direction for the overnight. then there's a push a of cold air. that will arrive as we move into the day tomorrow. 73-77 degrees today. nighttime lows will fall into the 80's. tomorrow we will not make a lot of progress. -- nighttime lows in the 40's. >>> highway crews getting ready to call it a night. i am showing a live picture of traffic on the beltway at new hampshire ave. you can see the arrow board pushing everybody to the right. road, they are clearing overnight construction. looks like they have done that at university boulevard. it's good right now as far as traffic around the beltway even with construction clearing. this is branch avenue in bethesda on the beltway. and before we go back to the news desk, 270 looks good at father hurley boulevard. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 4:32 this morning. we will begin this morning with a neighborhood's desperate plea for help. some families homes are teetering on t
. >>> this is surveillance video of a walgreen's in michigan. it's been roged. the pharmacist pulls out a gun. scares the thieves away. instead of being hailed as a hero, the pharmacist got fired. he's suing walgreen's. it's a complicated one. >> it is. >>> and the 3-year-old dolled up as a pretty woman, a la julia roberts. her mother takes on the critics who say, her daughter looks too sexy, too soon. >> people will be weighing in on that. >>> and then j. lo. she gave her fans a thrill of a lifetime. >>> first to the attempted heist caught on tape. a pharmacist foiling a robbery. apparently saving the day. why did he lose his job? dan harris has more on the incident and why the man is now suing walgreengreenwalgreens. >> on the video tape, you'll see a night shift nightmare play out in real time and you can decide whether an employee was reckless or heroic. it all plays out on this harrowing surveillance video of a walgreens fapharmacy. it's 4:30 in the morning. the pharmacist is sorting medications behind the counter. two armed men wearing masks enter. immediately, they start pointing their guns at
morning frost in wisconsin and the upper peninsula of michigan. showers and thunderstorms from southern california to vegas and the rockies. >> a wet 79 in salt lake city. 85 in albuquerque. 95 in sacramento. 70s from fargo to kansas city. upper 60s from boston to atlanta. 91 in miami. >>> weather news does not stop there. japan is also reeling from some pretty extreme weather. heavy rain today in the wake of sunday's typhoon which was the worst that country has seen in seven years. at least 34 people have died. dozens are still missing. >> thousands of people have been stranded by washed-out bridges and roads. some 200,000 are still without electricity. it was just six months ago that the tsunami killed 21,000 people in japan. boy, hard-hit country for sure. >>> there has been another significant blow to al qaeda's top leadadship. eunice al maw ra kahnny is in custody after his capture by papastani agents working with the cia. experts say al mara tawny's role was to hit economic targets in the u.s. and around the globe. can't tour appears to usher in a new era of cooperation. after som
-hour special tonight. starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern, and diane sawyer exclusive. >> coming up a michigan pharmacist gets in troublele trying to defend himself. >> see what he did when robbers stormed the store and why it cost him his job. you are watching "world news now." >>> welcome back, everybody. we took this next story from what we look to call the no good deed goes unpunished file. about a former fame cyst pharma walgreen's. >> he defended the store, as dan harris reports, that turned out to be a big mistake. >> reporter: it all plays out on this harrowing surveillance video from a walgreen's pharmacy in michigan. it's 4:30 in the morning on may 8, mother's day. and jeremy, a 36-year-old pharmacist is sorting medications behind the counter. and then it begins two armed men wearing masks enter. immediately they start pointing their guns at one of the workers. hovan tries to call 911. >> seconds later i saw a manager with the gunman. the gunman saw me. and i saw him. >> reporter: the gunman leaps over the counter, turns and aims his gun at hovan. >> i feared for my life. the gunman
. >>> three in a car bombing in michigan are listed in serious condition. a 40-year-old father and his two sons were wounded about this blast. authorities are searching for clues on how the bomb was made and of course who may have planted it. >>> two of the cincinnati bengals are being investigated in possible involvement in a marijuana distribution ring. similarson and collins were questioned yesterday, after a package containing pot was delivered to her house. police found another six pounds of marijuana inside, as well as items used to distribute it. arrests are pending. >>> and speaking of nfl players, all of them are now on notice about faking injuries on the field. the league sent a wnining to every team yesterday, amid some speculation that giants players faked being hurt monday night against the rams. that warning threatens fines and suspensions and loss of draft picks if players are found guilty. the giants players say the injuries were legit. >>> and turning to major league baseball. three of the eight postseason spots have now been claimed. we get the highlights from espn news.
. severe storm potential from iowa, through wisconsin, up to michigan. winds up to 80 miles an hour. you might need to sit down in the southern plains. cold front coming in. 90s today, but monday, 82. taking a look across the big board, on the west southwest coast, nice. temperatures nice and t big e of summemer, holiday w weekend. it will feel le summitt. temperatures around 70 degrees, dewpnt creeping up. is g getting sticky out there. lee could bring heavy rain later. not for this weekend. you will see a chance of a shower today, but for the most part, cloudy skies. up t >> we'll have another look at weather in a few minutes. bianna? >>> now to a mystery in ohio that has police there trying to get to the bottom of things. how did hundreds of pairs of ladies underwear end up along the road in a cincinnati suburb? >> reporter: call it the cotton conundrum. the people of lancaster, ohio, woke up to hundreds of pairs of underwear. >> somebody's missing something. >> this comes from one woman's home? she has quite a lingerie collection. >> just -- weird. >> reporter: some of the unusual un
from northern minnesota to michigan. severe storms, with hail and high winds, from new england to pittsburgh and cleveland. rain, hail and gust, storms in the desert southwest. thunderstorms from the sierra range into the rockies. >> 87 in boise. 76 in salt lake city. 95 in phoenix. dallas heats up yet again. at 105 today. 77 in kansas city. 73, detroit. and 68 in minneapolis. also some 80s from boston to atlanta. 90 in miami. >>> coming up, secret tapes of jackie kennedy. find out where she wanted to be if there were a nuclear strike on america. >>> and then, what levi johnston is now saying about the palins in his new tell-all book. >>> and athletes acting badly. the stars getting in trouble on and off the field. [ male announcer ] you love the taste of 2% milk. but think about your heart. 2% has o over half the saturad fatf whole milk. want to cut back on fat and not compromise on taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance. >>> overseas markets are mixed, after jitters earlier over the european debt crisis. tokyo's nikkei a
, michigan and illinois are shrouded in gray, smoggy haze. and people with respiratory problems are being urged to stay indoors. >>> wet on i-70, from columbus, indianapolis. i-75, from cincinnati to knoxville. and i-40, from nashville to oklahoma city. flooding on i-15, from l.a. to salt lake city. and i-10, 25 and 40 across the southwest. >> and if you're flying, airport delays are possible in memphis, denver, salt lake city, las vegas and phoenix. >>> in other news this morning, an 8-year-old autistic boy has been found alive and well after running away from his school and spending more than 24 hours lost in the san bernadino mountains. >> he doesn't respond well to strangers. so, searchers had to play recordings of his father's voice and favorite music. rescuers say he immediately thanked them. >> we're in shock. he said thank you. >> he doesn't talk a whole lot. >> and then, he knew what to say. >> and we're so thankful and grateful for all the heroes behind us. >> joshua was air-lifted to the hospital, suffering from dehydration. but he's otherwise just fine. >>> also, cadaver dogs
for lobster, cars and ice cream. the three states with the fewest big disasters? maine, michigan and ironically this week at least, vermont. clearly mother nature doesn't always follow government st statist statistics. and the locusts? they have to go somewhere. john berman, abc news, new york. >> thanks for watching tonight. we're always reporting on exclusive interview with marc anthony later. i'll see you tomorrow on "gma." have a good night.
. what an honor. looks like they have a lot to choose from out there. >> at northern michigan and wisconsin, they are waking up to their first forst. rost. the cooler air is on the way but nothing like that anytime soon for us. we will throw in a chance for a few thunderstorms later in the afternoon. live super doppler radar. the heavier showers are pushing into western montgomery county. essentially, it will impact 270 over the next 15-20 minutes. we want to leave extra time. the areas in the darker green is the flash flood wawtchtch, the brighter green is the flash flood warning, where creeks are beginning to overflow. 61 in martinsburg. 64 at reagan national. checking out the tropics for you quickly. we are the peak of hurricane season. this is katie. a. it is formed tropical depression 14, and if it becomes named, the next name will be maria. a name to remember for the next several days. this is the projected track for maria. it moves very, very quickly towards the leeward islands and could move closer towards the u.s. that is a week away. 73-78 degrees for the daytime hig
are holding in the 50's mainly to the north and west of us. but northern michigan 2 1 that's a long ways away, but we will look for those changes to push in our direction behind the cold front which is right now located across maryland. a few scattered showers but not going to add up to much for us. mid 40's to lower 50's for tonight. are you ready for this? 57-62. this is high temperatures for tomorrow. a taste of bethesda. wind-chill factor that will feel more like the upper 40's to lower 50's. bundle up, but not for today. this is for tomorrow and on sunday. more on the extended forecast in a few minutes but right now lisa baden and traffic. >> my dog is going to love it. when it's warm, i end up having to carry him home, but with these cooler temperatures, he's going to lead me all the way. check out the pace of traffic. that's in your favor. everything looks great. pulling you along peninsula road to duke street and king street. to the geico cameras where everything is smooth from clefpblg park around silver spring and 270. natasha and anyway? ? >> c
peninsula of michigan. showers meanwhile, from b burlingt burlington, vermont, to pittsburgh. >> 83 in salt lake city. and near 90 in albuquerque. dallas climbs to 102. chicago, 91. detroit, 85. 74 in boston. 84 in baltimore and 91 in new orleans. >> and coming up after the break, the report card that warns we are not ready for another 9/11 attack. >>> and then why the suspect in the case of a missing american in aruba isn't getting out of jail any time soon. >>> perhaps the nastiest story of the day. a mystery is afoot in vancouver where severed feet are washing ashore. >>> overseas markets are up this morning on good economic and financial news from the u.s. tokyo's nikkei average gained 99 points today. hong kong's hang seng is up more thth 200. in london the ftse opened higher. on wall street the dow was up 53 1/2 points yesterday. the nasdaq index was up 3, however, it was the worst august in ten years for both indices. >>> washington says no to a major merger. the justice department is now suing to block at&t's acquisition of t-mobile. the government says the deal would decrease compe
a message. i am not the only one. this has happened. >>> a man in michigan is proving you don't need a musical instrument to play music. >> he uses a saw. >> ♪ >> larsen demonstrated his skill at a concert in a partk along lake glenmonhuron. he also plays the banjo monica, and other instruments. >> that's nice. >>> adam caskey, you are very tech savvy. do you text and night? >> i cannot say i do. you need to turn the phone off and that will probably keep you from doing that. >> when you go to bed at 6:00 in the evening... >> i want to get to the beach forecast. something i have been doing all week the upper right side of your screen. you see that's funny looking design of the upper right side of your screen that is a modern-day backlick road. what you can do is take your smartphone or your tablets computer and with one of the many free applications out there you can hold it up to that code and scanned it off your television and that will bring u street to our web site. in today's case that would give you detailed look at the beach forecast. it will invest in high definition. that w
himself and others. >> video shows two armed men enter pharmacy in michigan and took one manager hostage and dragged him through the aisle at gunpoint. one of the gunman leapt over the counter and pointed his gun at the pharmacist and try to open fire. >> i feared for my life. the gunman repeatedly attempted to fire upon me. in self-defense i fired my weapon. >> the robbers left the store. walgreens fired him despite the fact he had a permit to carry the gun. he is fighting back for -- with a lawsuit in federal court. >> people are used to flooding but they never get used to the damage. a congressman is proposing an idea. we have more about the story. >> it is a tough truth here that during these economic times, there is not going to be the money to fix the flooding problems i have here. >> as they cleaned up their neighborhood for the second time in five years, those who live in huntington are reacting to words there may never be a flood control for this community. >> i what them investing in us not taking from us. >> the reality is the public sector is likely not going to come up with
it is a recession- approved business. parent company says many of its clients are in michigan, arizona, and nevada, states where the housing market has been hit hardest by the recession. kicks in an uptick in clients w ho in financial services and government, industry is hit hard by the recession. football is a key player in the u.s. overall economy. exports thousands of jobs. president obama plans to send his $447 billion jobs bill package to congress tonight. a battery of stock-index futures indicating a lower open on wall street today. that is business news. salida bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> a website for cheaters? i have heard it all. >> i am shaking my head. thank you, linda. >>> exceed two degrees. >>> now we know when the martin luther king memorial will be officially dedicated. the chief architect says the event will not take place sunday october 16. the original dedication had to be postponed because of hurricane irene. organizers expect to have the same entertainers and the same speakers at the rescheduled dedication, including president o
eastern suburbs. overnight, the next batch of its shoppers coming across michigan and ohio. we are still mild around 70. we will only see highs in the mid-50's tomorrow. a little bit of sunshine on sunday. we will talk more coming up in a couple of minutes. >>> the rams are the new detroit. the st. louis franchise is not entirely sparking intimidation. they are already pegged in the sweepstakes. for the redskins, who are working with a short week, this is a mental game. the redskins podcast this week is to focus on the -- top task is the key is to focus on the rams and get over the cowboys. to get rid of that monday night after case the redskins will have to go on the road and defeat the san louis rams. >> they have a defense plan hard and playing together. >> washington bought st. louis is best shot last season, too. they fell flat against the rams 30-16. >> there will be a lot of teams in this league that is not as talented. >> sunday's game could come down to a battle between quarterbacks. rex grossman knows he needs to improve. >> i put a lot of pressure on myself every week. when i
he conducted her -- his daughter from oklahoma and was heading to his home in michigan. also caught on tape, an ambush at a restaurant. as you see on the video, he is seen tossing items off the counter. he takes a swing in the year before leaving. he was not finished. he came back. he grabbed a mop and hit the workers with it. police say he was upset about the disease -- he was upset about the desert portion of his meal. >> anger management may be. >>> the golden arches are rolling out new happy meals decide to take -- to make kids healthier. they will come with apple slices. the kids' meals will also come with a smaller size of french fries -- just about 1 ounce. the chicken nuggets will have less sodium and it will come with a choice of 1% chocolate milk or regular belt. >>> 7 line cubs are turning one year old today. to celebrate their birthdays animal keepers presented the cubs with the blood samples. -- bloodcicles. they were born in two letters last year. >> not for a happy meal though. >> all right. let's see what's coming up next on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> you don't want to g
place chaz bono with 7%. will ron change his name back to ron and no more michigan etta? >> -- metta? >> i hope he just changes that hair back from that horrible dennis rodman era -- >> it is dennis rodmanesque. >> now the one to watch i guess is nancy grace. >> i have to take a better look. how is the weather out there? >> not so bad if you're closer to district but we have some dense fog beginning to get a little thicker out there especially north and west of the d.c. metro. the wind on the east/northeast just about five miles per hour. these are the latest visibilities for you. cumberland petersburg, culpeper down to two miles. gaiters bugg down to gaithersburg down to a half mile of visibility. slow down and take it easy so you can get from point a to point b sasme. satellite and radar yes, the clouds will hang around for the day. not expecting anything to become severe. a better chance for stronger storms will come tomorrow afternoon and into friday afternoon. this is our futurecast, the next 48 hours. grab the umbrellas as you head out the do
two sons. it happened tuesday in monroe, michigan. he was driving his sons to football practice when the bomb exploded. they are all recovering at a hospital. the atf is offered a $10,000 reward. close >>> in arguments are under way in italy for an american accused of killing her roommate. amanda knox is appealing her conviction for the 2007 murder. a forensic report said dna evidence used in the trial was unreliable. it verdict in the appeal hearing will be expected next week. >>> we have learned the prime suspect in a maryland woman disappearance in aruba had a previous conviction. beginning in 2003, gary g. ord and not carrying out an organized retail theft operation in montgomery and frederick county. they say he stole gaming systems and dvd systems at target stores in the area and sold them on line. >> he was an easy-going guy. he was not a jerk. he would talk to us but it seemed like he was a step ahead of us and did not want to give us any information. >> he was eventually convicted of theft but was given a suspended sentence. he is suspected in the disappearance of robyn gard
. and then on friday, university of michigan releases its latest reading of consumer sentiment. >>> and finally, today so many memories for me and for all of us as we look back ten years of september 11th. i was down here on wall street when the tragedy took place, the towers came down. i remember standing on the corner of wall street and broadway and watching the buildings collapse. i ran for my life as well as everyone else around me. as i recall and think about the friends and the family that i lost and all of us lost, i also remember the resiliency that happened down here four days later. and i have to tell you that september 17th for me probably was the proudest day of my life, watching the firefighters, the police, the governor, the mayor, all of the people in new york show such leadership, ringing the opening bell on september 17th, and getting the markets open again. i remember thinking america will rise again. we were hurt. we lost our loved ones. we lost family. we lost friends. buwe knew we wouldise again. and even though we were hurt, we knew that america was down but not out. and my heart
are over 24 hours. it is cooler in the upper peninsula of michigan. it is 13 degrees cooler in chicago, 19 degrees cooler in minneapolis, and a couple of degrees warmer east of the appalachians. this is going to change. it will not come soon enough for the folks in texas. look at this 106 in texas. they have set the record. 101 in oklahoma city. there is a big change and the numbers. there will be a big cool-down in the next 48 hours. high pressure over head, and we will have some high clouds tomorrow. two old friends, one in the afternoon and evening. a second strong cold front thursday. a higher probability of showers about 40%. and then leading into that cooler, drier air, early friday morning, this will sweep and. we're talking mid 80's. upper 60's here on friday. a definite change. a nearly full moon after last night. last night was the harvest moon. that is what that was. 73 degrees 65 tomorrow morning 82 at midday with partly cloudy skies, and the next seven days showed temperatures in the upper 80's, then upper 70's and upper 60's. lots of sunshine dry air and highs in the low 70's
eastern texas, crossing up through michigan. or possibly just south of florida. >> it's just not under control at all. and that makes it very difficult to predict where it's going to come down. >> reporter: space junk falling out of the sky is more common that you might imagine. it's been raining down on us for 50 years. from the piece of sputnik iv that landed in wisconsin, to parts of a cosmos rocket that landed in kansas, texas and oklahoma. even part of a booster rocket that landed in wyoming this march. the best-known space litter is skylab, which fell into western australia in 1979. but in 1997, a fragment of material from a delta rocket actually landed on a person. lotte may williams, while she was out for a walk in tulsa, oklahoma. >> i started running. then, as i took off, it hit the ground. and it sounded metallic. >> reporter: she may have been surprised. but she wasn't hurt. so, what advice does the only known victim of falling space junk have for the rest of us? >> my advice is to be outside. if you see it coming, run. mm-hmm. >> reporter: so, again, we are looking at frid
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